Blue Dream Teascarf
185 USD

  •  Made in NYC.
  • Comfortable 27"x66" or 18"x58"  cool sarong in summer or warm scarf in winter.
  • Teascarf is made from a luxurious 70/30 blend, eco-friendly bamboo with cotton added for softness.
  • The delicate pieces should be gently washed by hand and dried flat.

Art from teabags that have been steeped and dried on paper has been transferred to the fabric using reactive dyes and a patented printing process that changes the color of the fabric at a molecular level, so there is no pigment to wash out.

  • Each scarf is individually and carefully printed to enhance the feeling and texture of the bamboo fabric. The process allows for desired inconstancies in the texture of the printing, making each piece unique. The fabric is a natural crêpe, and it's seasonless weight lends itself to being a cool sarong in the summer or a warm shawl in the winter.